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For many years in this field we have worked out all good practices. We are focused on delivering great quality for a great price.

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Frequently asked questions

How long You are on the market?

We have started as small family company over 15 years ago.
During this time we’ve grown very much, keeping to our main products – jigheads, weights and sinkers.

Are You manufacturer or reseller?

We are buying hooks and swivels from worldwide known producers, and then we process them in our facilities to get jigheads and sinkers.

What are Your production capabilities?

We are able to make more than 100.000 units monthly.

Do You make custom orders?

Yes, we accept custom orders, however it is always more costly than normal products from our range.
Minimum quantity for custom manufacturing is 2000pcs, please ask for details.

What are shipping costs?

For all orders over €500 shipping is free.

Do You offer custom packaging?

Yes, of course we offer.

Products can be packed in bags or boxes, from plain to full-colored packaging.

Do You have products ready to ship?

Constantly we keep in stock around 200.000 pcs of various products, if it is not in stock we are ready to manufacture any product within 2 weeks.

Where You sell products?

We sell only to other companies in fishing business. We are not fulfilling retail orders.

Almost half of our production is exported from Poland to other European countries

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